Be fearless

Optimism helps

Stop listening to those inner thoughts telling you that you cannot live fearlessly

You can…

Those things that you want to achieve, but you don’t feel that you can, as that niggling voice tells you to give up

Remove that voice. Stop entertaining it!

Fear is only temporary.

You may fear doing a lot of things. That is fine, fear is natural. Embrace it.

Fear is a quality of growth and the more you grow the better you will become at eradicating those negative thoughts.

So live fearlessly and remember optimism helps.

Copyright 2017 P_Rose

Bound to love

What is love?

How do you know it is love? Is it lust?

How much energy do you have to bear this love process again?

Do you rely on unchanging circles that lead you nowhere ?

Do you even love yourself to love someone back?

What does love actually mean to you?

Searching for answers, you need to know…

What it means when you feel that your soul is bound to love.

Copyright 2017 P_Rose

Daily Prompt: Prefer

via Daily Prompt: Prefer

I would prefer it if you didn’t touch my hair

It’s mine

It’s not yours, what’s wrong with you?Keep your hands to yourself

You don’t have permission to touch my hair, my crown, my identity that keeps me whole

You can look but do not touch,
Do not touch…my hair.


Copyright 2017 P_Rose

Paper Wishes

Hey reader’s,

I know, I know. I haven’t been consistent…

Life has caught up with me which hasn’t allowed me to post. So, I have been in a whirlwind with writer’s block and procrastination. Always thinking,  never writing.

I plan to post on here at least once a week or even twice. But it will be active in the long run.

I had the opportunity to attend a spoken word event last night…let me tell you that it was amazing and courageous for all the attendees to get up on stage and perform their works of art.

It was a real wake up call to actually do this myself and perform to allow the outlet at long last to hear my work.

And I will make this happen before I turn 30. 😊


Copyright 2017 P_Rose

Introverted dilemma

“Why don’t you speak up?” They ask.

“You’re so quiet!” They say.

Sometimes people just don’t understand.  What do I need to be talking all the time for?   I am not being rude or unfavourable.  I can only define this as being okay in the space that I am still growing to accept- even when it feels like it is a sin to be so quiet.

If it doesn’t make any sense to you, it makes sense to me.  I have being battling with this for as long as I can imagine.  I say battling like it is a condition, but it is clearly not.

I just don’t feel as if I have anything relevant to say.  And when I do speak I get the uncomfortable silence or the strange look, lol.  Trust has to be formed to even open up to anybody.  That is what is important to me.  I cannot just delve all my heart out to ears that only hear part of my story.

Today’s society favours the lively, outgoing person who is the life and soul of every event that they attend.  The ones who don’t take that long to warm up to anything, they just dive into the deep end straight away.

Just because I do not fit the above category it doesn’t mean I cannot pursue an active life. At times, it takes time and effort.

In this world where loudness is seen as the norm, take a leaf out the introvert’s book and be quiet!! 😀


Copyright 2017 P_Rose


Introverted introduction

Hi reader,

I welcome you to my site with open arms!

Let’s see then…

From an introverted mind comes many thoughts; I have being pondering on the thoughts of creating an outlet where I can express my thoughts and mostly my love for writing.  I may not be as open as an extrovert, but believe me when I have a pen and paper, my mind goes into overdrive! 😀

I aim to create this blog to enlighten you all with thoughts, short stories and some forms of poetry,  more like monologues…

I hope you can gain as much from this as I do and happy reading!!!


Please do not critique so hard as I am a newbie to this world of writing in an open forum.  😉


Copyright 2017 P_Rose